About Us

About Dkoko

At Dkoko we are passionate about creating premium designs for quality women that make them feel beautiful. We have an unwavering commitment to producing pieces with unmatched fit, because we believe women shouldn’t have to choose between functionality and femininity.

Our pieces are designed to be worn from water to earth. Our clients love to wear them surfing, kiteboarding, hiking, doing yoga and even going out at night.

We stand for quality and we are proud to make a difference creating ethically made products. This is why we choose to produce our line with the finest materials in our own small sewing shop in Nicaragua, which allows us to support and empower local women, as well as ensure the highest standards. Learn more about who makes our clothes here.

All our products are designed by Michelle Rodriguez, who also makes herself most of the patterns, to ensure the perfect fit Dkoko is loved for.

We invite you to be a Dkoko girl and unlock your inner magic!

Michelle Rodríguez -Dkoko Founder

About the Designer
Michelle Rodríguez

Michelle's love affair with nature and the sea began as a young girl, when her mom would drive her down from their home in the mountains to the sunny beaches of Costa Rica. She spent her summer vacations immersed in multiple adventures - playing for hours under the sun, captivated among the sand, warm water and lush rainforest that came to define her wild heart and adventurous spirit.

Creative by nature, Michelle graduated with a degree in Fashion Design.

Chasing her love for the sea, Michelle moved to the beach town of Playa Hermosa when she was 21 years old, where learning to surf changed her life forever. When she couldn't find swimwear that stayed on in the surf, Michelle put her passion to work designing her own surf bikinis to withstand the power of the waves. Dkoko was born of Michelle's desire to create a functional, fashionable brand that allows women to mix and match sizes and designs, honoring the beauty in all of our different body shapes and unique approaches to style.

Michelle loves to travel, finding inspiration in the world's diversity of cultures and beautiful landscapes she's been blessed to experience over the years. This inspiration, combined with her tropical soul essence, becomes what we proudly create in Dkoko.


Dkoko Girls

Emily Gussoni - Dkoko Girl
Emily Gussoni

Emily has grown up living and surfing in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. At just 17 years old, she's currently one of the top 3 female surfers in our country, representing Costa Rica in a number of international surf contests, including the ISA Junior World Surfing Games. In 2014 Emily placed Second in the Central America Surfing Championship and in 2015 she won the title as Central American SUP Champion.

Emily knows that balance in life is the key to success in and out of the water. She's an outstanding student at high school, and she loves reading and music. Emily stays in shape with yoga, boxing and surfing every day before or after school.

Zulay Martínez - Dkoko Girl
Zulay Martínez

Zulay is currently the Junior Surfing Champion in Costa Rica. A 17 year-old local of Tamarindo, Costa Rica represents her country in international contests and dreams of competing against the world's best women surfers. Inspired by her coach Andrea Diaz, one of the first women surfers in Costa Rica, Zulay's goal is to "achieve awesome maneuvers, surf like Lakey Peterson, and reach the WSL level." Zulay loves swimming, playing volleyball, soccer, singing and hanging out with friends, who know her best for her spunky sense of humor, making everyone laugh and always pulling the best pranks, in and out of the water.

"Laughing is an everyday activity that must not be forgotten!" she says. You gotta watch your back with this one around!

Yorgina Ureña - Dkoko Girl
Yorgina Ureña

Yorgina is a true sports enthusiast and free surfer native of Boca Barranca, a classic surf spot on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast. This goofy footer has been surfing for 12 years and counting, chasing waves all over the country. Yorgina lives for staying active throughout the day and motivating others to have a healthy lifestyle. When she's not out surfing, you'll find Yorgina hiking the mountain, practicing yoga, mountain biking, or breaking a sweat at the gym - sometimes all in the same day!

Yor represents our brand and helps us spread the love for Dkoko in different events in Costa Rica and setting an example as an positive empowered woman in her community.