Dkoko Surf Bikinis inspiration in Nicaragua

Last month we celebrated the one year anniversary of our sewing shop in Nicaragua. I trace my memory back just a year and smile, remembering the many special experiences I lived throughout the process of creating a brand of which I'm now so very proud.

I grew accustomed to driving Nicaragua's dusty roads, often frequented by free-ranging livestock. Cows and pigs halted my journey home after a long day's work. A cloud of dry earth rose from their hooves and while I waited for them to pass, I imagined a beautiful detail I could incorporate into one of my new designs.

Each morning I awoke to the sound of the wind, brewed my coffee and walked to the beach to check the waves. I watched how they crashed perfectly and barreling, rolling and wrapping themselves around in the same way that a few hours later I'd see the fingers of the women weaving the back of a bikini top with detailed macramé.

At the sewing shop, I made the bikini patterns, while observing the serene faces and experienced hands that moved with such grace, delicately tightening every knot, sewing each stitch with incredible precision.

 Dkoko Surf Bikinis sewing shop

Doña Rosa brought me fruit from the trees in her yard at home, and I reveled in my gift with an authentic smile. Working and sharing alongside these wonderful people made me feel good, in so many meaningful ways. 

Setting up my own sewing workshop not only made me learn about machines, needles and stitches, but also made me live firsthand what it actually feels like to make our bikinis, step by step. In a world where consumerism has become an automatic act that makes us aquire more and more things without asking ourselves where they come from and how they are made, I believe that offering products that are made with love and help to improve the lives of others is a great achievement.

Each and every Dkoko design holds the magic of something created from dreams, inspired by paradise landscapes, turquoise waves, adventures - and especially, made with love. 

Surf Bikini made with love in Dkoko sewing shop

Translation from spanish to english by Tara Ruttenberg. Check Tara´s blog Tarantula Surf