At Dkoko we have had the opportunity to meet and share with Emily Gussoni since she was 12 years old. During all these 4 years we have seen her become an amazing girl as well as a talented surfer. We asked Emily some questions to know a little bit more about her plans and what is going on in her life right now.

Emily Gussoni underwater water wearing Africa surf bikini

-This year started being very successfull for you. Only in the first month you won the 3 tournaments where you participated, including the Open and Junior categories at the first event of the Costa Rica Surfing Tour in Puerto Viejo. How do you feel about it?

I feel very motivated, starting this year winning many tournaments and specially the 2 categories in the first event of the tour, is like a little reward for all my discipline and affort.

-I know you are a very competitive person. What is it that you like about competing at surfing tournaments?

What I like the most about surfing tournaments is competing with other girls and visiting different beaches and waves. You can also show everything you have been practicing. 

-What are your plans for 2016?

This year I want to keep competing in all the events of the Costa Rica surfing tour, as well as the Guanacaste Surfing Championship, Pro Junior, some QS and every other tournament available.

Emily Gussoni surfing Playa Negra Costa Rica

Surfing picture of Emily surfing Playa Negra, Costa Rica from Kevin Woodbridge

-You had told me this year you are going to start home schooling. How you do feel about this change and how do you think it is going to help you reach your goals?

Yes! This way I will be able to spend more hours in the water practicing. In the way I used to do it before I felt I wasn't reaching my goals to the fullest, neither surfing or at school. I had to wake up very early to be able to go surf for a little bit in the morning before going to high school and after 8 hours go for another short session before sunset. Now I can practice the time necessary to raise my surfing level.

-You have been wearing Dkoko surf bikinis for the last 4 years and I know even though you have a couple of big sponsors you have decided to keep using Dkoko as your swimwear brand. What do you like about Dkoko surf bikinis?

Dkoko was my first sponsor, the first brand that trusted me and I don't change them for another bikini because they have great quality, and you can surf comfortably while feeling sexy at the same time.

Emily Gussoni wearing our Salsa Brava One Piece Surf bikini

-What is surfing for you?

Surf for me... Is my everything! My passion, lifestyle, my world.

-How do you see Emily Gussoni in a couple of years?

In a couple of years, wow I'm going to be an adult! I see myself travelling and competing all around the world, with the best sponsors a surfer could have.

-What is your advice for all women that want to learn how to surf?

-I recommend them to look for a professional that can teach them a good technique since the beggining and to wear Dkoko surf bikinis :)