For a while now, I've been thinking and chatting with certain girl friends about what it means to be 'powerful women'. Why is it increasingly more difficult to empower ourselves?

Because the society we live in bombards us on the daily with images of women with perfect faces and bodies. Semi-goddesses who don't exist, but who bury themselves deep in our minds; they stay there reminding us of our defects each time we look at ourselves in the mirror and stand face-to-face with our imperfect reality.

Like Instagram, where the most likes are given to women showing the most skin and sharing the fewest ideas. We've grown accustomed to having to look 'pretty', not as a reflection of our inner worth but as a plea for approval.

The fault is ours. We as women who grant others the power to make us forget our true worth. We as women criticising other women just like us. Women teaching our sons to see us as objects. Women asking women to use photoshop to hide the beautiful defects we all share.  

Until we stop doing it to other women, we won't ever be able to stop doing it to ourselves. What bothers us most about others are the very things we have trapped within, screaming for us to set them free.

When we're able to feel that we are all equal, with the same defects, same dreams, same joys, worries and desires, we make room for our essence to become stronger, to grow, to illuminate and expand until it finds its way to our exterior, allowing us to walk in radiance as the powerful women we are.

Radiante, feliz y poderosa