This week we shot the photos for our upcoming 2019 collection.

As some of you know, I’ve been living since last November in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Australia, so I decided to take advantage that I’m here, to have the first Dkoko pictures taken in such a dreamy location.

The first session was shot by Tracy Naughton at Coolum beach. I’ve been following Tracy’s artsy Instagram for quite a long time now and I love her use of light and how she portraits women and women’s surfing. She shows women playing in the ocean in such a feminine way, that I’m quite excited to have pictures for Dkoko taken by her.

Our model for the session was the beautiful long-boarder Mieke Van Der Merwe. Mieke slides through water with such a grace, I thought she would be the perfect girl to wear some of my new designs of the surfwear range. Not only did she looked stunning with every new suit, she also managed to catch some fun waves wearing one of the new one-piece surf bikinis.

Mieke surfing CoolumMieke wearing our new Diamond One Piece (coming soon) photographed by Tracy Naughton

The next day we headed to Noosa for the second photoshoot, this time with photographer Benny Jewel. I’ve been wanting to shoot at this magical place since the first time I visited it. I think anyone that has been at Noosa agrees it is one of those places of the world with a special natural beauty.

Lucy Tarlton photographed by Benny JewelLucy wearing our new velvet rashie and Nostalgia bottoms

Gorgeous Australian model Lucy Charlton made the new designs come to life in front of Benny’s lenses. I think Lucy loved the collection, and even kept some bikinis for her surfing trip to Bali next week.

I was lucky enough to have my sister in law Olivia, helping me. Olivia has just moved to the coast from Melbourne, where she had worked as a fashion stylist for many years. Ollie helped me with the styling for the shot and gave her fashion touch to the lifestyle pictures for the new “Sun Lovin” range..

Michelle and Benny at the Dkoko Photoshoot at NoosaBenny, little Sam and me at the photoshoot

From my side, this was the first work I’ve done outside my house since my baby was born. My cute baby Sam is now 6 weeks old and I had him in the carrier during both photo sessions. He was such a good boy, he slept the whole time and at the end of the second session, I took him to the ocean so he could feel the waves on his feet for the very first time.

Baby Sam touching the oceanSam's first time touching the waves

Working this week on the photoshoot gave me a lot of new energy that I was lacking during pregnancy and winter months. I’m so happy to finally see my designs come to reality after a hard year of settling in my new home and realizing the new woman that I’ve become as a mom. Not only did I enjoy being able to work with all these beautiful people, I also felt blessed to have my baby with me while I work doing what I love.

Here on the coast it’s the beginning of spring so the water is just starting to warm up after winter. The first collection’s drop will be available really soon and I hope you will love it as much and I do. 

Can’t wait to surf in my new swimwear in the warm water and under the rays of golden sun soon! xx