Turquoise Waters Golden RaysMaking magic in our last photoshoot!


For the last 8 years, Dkoko has been like a baby to me. It has made me evolve and learn in many different ways. It has given me lots of happy moments, worries and thanks to it I’ve engaged into amazing adventures.

Dkoko has been a reflection of myself and my work. My creative energy has transformed into beautiful pieces, that special women around the world, proudly choose to wear, in their own exciting adventures.

It is for this reason, that since the beginning of this year, I’ve been working in a rebranding, that reflects what Dkoko means to me and all Dkoko women.

We created a color palette inspired in perfect-paradise-like waves and the glow of the powerful golden rays, that shine upon us and inspire us in each sunrise and sunset in nature.

We present you our new logo made out of clean lines, representing the sublime connection between water and earth.

I hope you like it as much as I do and you will join us in this new stage for Dkoko, unlocking our inner magic.

New Dkoko Golden Logo
Our new golden logo

Brand Redesign with What the Fox Creative
Working on the Dkoko rebranding with the team of What the Fox Creative in the Sunshine Coast, Australia