Dkoko Ambassador Emily Gussoni surfing in Uluwatu

At Dkoko, our team is passionate about creating premiere quality bikinis for women like us: sea-worshippers who stop at nothing short of the perfect blend of functionality and femininity.

We are proud to be sharing our dream with the world now for more than ten years – from our roots in Costa Rica to present adventures in other sea-faring paradise places around the globe.

We are looking for women who live our vision, love our designs and want to help spread the love for our brand.

Our Ambassadors Program offers an exchange-based partnership – ambassadors promote and publicize Dkoko and, in exchange, receive custom packages full of our high-quality products, plus commissions on attributed sales.  

Artist Pepa painting a mural wearing our surf bikinis

Who can be a Dkoko Ambassador?

We are looking for women who lead by example, positively influencing the world around us and inspiring others to do the same. Dkoko Ambassadors might include athletes, artists, activists, writers, surfers, yoginis and influencers whose adventure-driven lifestyles inspire us to live our best lives in harmony with the planet.

 Social Impact: How do you communicate your message to the world? It’s important to us that your voice reaches and resonates with other like-minded women. When considering your ambassador profile, we evaluate your: social media presence, reach and content, website engagement, events, strategic partnerships, publications, and the depth of your follower base.

 Style and quality: We are looking for women who transmit their authentic message in professional ways, generate creative content with a unique style and quality, and support Dkoko in sharing their voice with our audience.

What do Dkoko Ambassadors receive in exchange?

• All the swimsuits and beachwear they need! Every six months, ambassadors receive a custom package stocked full of one-piece suits and bikinis, leggings and rashguards of their choice.

• Ambassadors also receive a custom package of beachwear full of their favorite self-selected pieces, every six months. 

• 10% commission on all website sales attributed to their special ambassador sales code.

• Unique ambassador code with 10% discount for all followers and friends.

• Opportunities to publish stories and articles on the Dkoko blog, read by a wide audience of sea-loving women around the world.

• Photo promotion and publicity for their projects on Dkoko’s social media networks.

• Insider collaboration on ideas for the design and creation of new Dkoko products.

If you believe you would be an ideal Dkoko Ambassador and would like to work with us, we invite you to apply by filling out the form below.