Gaby at the Maxilog Longboarding Fest La Sayulina Mexico

Do you know what I like the most about the longboard surfing community? That is not based on appearances. Each person is real to his own style and way of thinking.

Classic longboard is simple. The surfer that looks more natural and connected with the flow of the wave, is the best. Everything is based on style. You do not need to take the biggest wave, The only thing you need is to enjoy the ride to the fullest and harmonize with the wave.

Well, The Mexilogfest is all of this.

When you visit a classic longboard contest you come across a series of characters where simplicity is the best quality. The classic longboard contests are not publicized and usually the contestants, friends and family are the only people that participates of these events. t is a quiet environment where sharing and making new friends is the main goal.

The surfers who are invited to the Mexilog FEST have to meet with certain requirements in order to compete in this event.  Number one: to love 100% the classic longboard style. And number two: the surf board to compete has to be a classic single fin log and they can’t use a leash.

The best score is awarded to the surfer with more style and grace.

Longboarders at the mexilog fest Mexico

A selected group of the best classic longboarders are invited to the pacific coast of Mexico for a week to enjoy an endless left wave and to share with the friendly people of Playa La Saladita. 

This surf tournament is combined with art activities, live music, gastronomy and environmental education.

La Saladita beach is close to the city of Zihuatanejo in the State of Guerrero, Mexico. It is a white sand beach with golden sparkles and a rock bottom covered by seaweed and seagrass. The Sea turtles are the owners of these waters. On the shore palm trees and mango trees make the perfect set up.

What I like the most about the town of La Saladita is the people without a doubt. The locals are friendly and authentic. Always with a smile in their faces. They make you feel like home. In the small local restaurants along the beach you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood. 100% Mexican cuisine. The beach has several lodging options. Most of owners of these places are part of the same family. This creates a calm and safe environment.

La Saladita Mexico

The wave approaches the shore and begins to break in the flat bottom of stone forming a perfect left. Open, gentle and fast in some sections. The ultimate dream for any goofy footer like me!! This beach is a perfect place for surfing but also offers calm waters for swimming and snorkeling. The water is so clear and with the perfect temperature! As you can imagine, this place is a paradise.

This year was celebrated the fourth edition of the Mexilog fest and for the second time in La Saladita Beach. During the month of May and for a week competitors from more than 10 countries, such as France, England, Australia, Japan, Brazil, the United States and Mexico, get together on this beach to enjoy this particular event. The activities are divided between the surf contest, art and cinema exhibition, free yoga classes, surf clinic for children, live music and DJs.

I love the music that surrounds this event. Here, you don’t listen to the same genres of music that are heard today. All the opposite; the music of the 60s, 70s and 80s prevails. It's all a musical experience. This year we danced genres such as Boogie, Funk, Disco, Ska, Reggae, Soul, Electronic and Mexican. It's about supporting the Local talent with bands and DJs from the area.

DJ at the Mexilog fest

As a classic longboard lover, I can tell you that the Mexilogfest is the perfect place to admire all my idols and people that inspire me. Surfers like Kassia Meador, Leah Dawson, Honolua Blomfield, Karina Rozunko, Kai Sallas, Jared Mell and the list goes on and on. These are some of the best women and men in longboarding.

The contest is held for a full week from 7am to 3pm. Giving a door from 3pm to 9pm to enjoy free surfing and to share waves with all these professionals.

Every day after the event ended, I grabbed my longboard and paddled to the point just to admire these artists do their maneuvers and dance in the waves.

During the nights and with the best live music all the attendees met at "Lourdes" restaurant, which is the headquarters of the event, to share and talk about how wonderful the waves were, how many turtles we saw in the water, the most funny wipe outs and just have a good time.

Here there is no room for egocentrism, for just good vibes and good surfing. The Mexilogfest is the best!!!!!

Gabriela Rovira in Jaco BeachWritten by Gabriela Rovira, soul surfer and lover of the classic longboard style.

Gabriela has more than 15 years enjoying surfing and she is currently traveling around the world to explore the best surf places for longboarding. This is the second time Gabriela has attended to the Mexi Log Fest and she is planning to come back every year.