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Take a deep dive into our salt-watery world, with inspiring interviews and surfer profiles, behind-the-scenes inspo from our latest swimwear collections, and travel stories from our surf trips in the tropics.    

Homecoming, in Bloom: Dkoko Ambassadors 2023 Retreat

Homecoming, in Bloom: Dkoko Ambassadors 2023 Retreat

Our team of brand ambassadors met for our annual surf retreat in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica where they shared inspiring days between waves, creative journaling and coffee breaks by the pool.

Delilah Hutchins long boarding in Nosara Costa Rica

Surfer Profile: chasing waves with Delilah Hutchins

Delilah Hutchins is a 17 year-old competitive longboard surfer from North Carolina who convinced her mom to move to Costa Rica to chase her surfing dreams. We chatted to Delilah about her plans for the future, what it's like balancing her surf and school schedule in the jungle, and got the inside scoop from her recent experience competing at the Mexi Log Fest
Marie surfing at a beautiful sunset in Australia

Surfer Profile: Island hopping with Marie-Moana Troja

Island-hopping competitive surfer and Dkoko brand ambassador Marie-Moana Troja motivates us to chase our dreams and be our best selves, in and out of the water. Living in Australia as a surfer and university student, she balances her studies and surfing career with discipline, drive, and a great sense of humor.
REFLECTIONS 2022: Liminal Space in the Southlands

REFLECTIONS 2022: Liminal Space in the Southlands

The ocean is our purest source of inspiration. Experience our journey to the southland jungles of Costa Rica in this beautiful story.
Kate Duncan getting barreled at Simelue

A woman in Simelue

There aren’t many places left in the world to surf uncrowded breaks in paradise. And while the secret of Simelue Island is fast leaking out, it is still possible to surf a perfect right-hander with a few people out. I know, because I just did it.