In this collection we had the opportunity to work with talented Costa Rican Designer and  Illustrator Majo Rodríguez.

For many years I dreamt of having an exclusive fabric with one of my favorite animals: the magic and mysterious jaguar of the lush jungle of Costa Rica.

Majo brought to life this idea, creating a clean and minimalist illustration with jaguars we printed in our swimwear fabric and also in light rayon for our Slow Flow collection.

Dkoko swimwear Jaguar print design by Majo Rodriguez

We also wanted to have a mini orchids print for our beachwear that she illustrated beautifully.

Check out these amazing photos of the process from each artwork!

Dkoko Orchids prints for beachwear

We’re stoked at the final work and having such amazing art in our bikinis. Working with amazing artists like her let us reach our mission of creating special, unique pieces to accompany us in our ocean adventures.

We asked Majo to share a little bit about her and her work:

Costa Rican Artist Majo Rodriguez

Hi Majo! Can you tell us a little bit about you and what you do?

I’m a Designer and botanical Illustrator born in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. I’m a nature lover, passionate for botanical illustration.

Each of my projects (made by hand or digitally) are characterized for having great detail that focus on the beauty of our planet.

Each illustration I make, is made honoring nature and its magic. For this reason I choose to work with clients which business values are aligned with the respect and love for Mother Earth, and are inspired by her.

Thanks to being an illustrator I’ve been able to explore projects of many kinds. From packaging, murals, wallpapers all the way to textiles. Transforming them into a pieces of art, with personalized and exclusive artwork that give extra value to the products. Like Dkoko’s swimwear made with my jaguar print.

I loved the work process in this project. All the way from the concept, the sketch, the tests, until the most exciting day, when I saw the final product finished with the living illustration on it.

Artist Majo Rodriguez getting inspired in nature