We feel privileged to have these amazing women representing our brand

18 years old | Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Delilah Hutchins

Graceful and stylish, Delilah is a competitive longboard surfer from North Carolina, USA who convinced her mom to move to Nosara, Costa Rica to chase her professional surfing dreams. Delilah is the current Guanacaste Surf Circuit women’s longboard surfing champion and has also competed internationally at longboard invitationals like the Mexi Log Fest and Malibu’s Queen of the Point. Between high school and competitive surfing commitments, Delilah spends her free time day tripping with friends to nearby beaches, traveling and restaurant-hopping with her mom, writing music,singing and playing guitar.

“I couldn’t live without surfing or the ocean. I think, like many surfers, the ocean is a place where I feel safe and nothing else matters. I feel happiest and like the best version of myself in the water. The ocean has given me a purpose and reason to wake up in the morning.”

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37 Years old | Matapalo, Zona Sur, Costa Rica

Tara Ruttenberg

Raised on the shores of southern California and desertscapes of Tucson, Arizona (USA), Tara’s free spirit, inquisitive mind and surf wanderlust have led her on surf and research adventures around the world. Tara is a writer by trade, a memberof the international Institute for Women Surfers, and recently finished her PhD specializing in sustainable surf tourism. She teaches university-level study abroad programs and hosts women’s surf, yoga and writing retreats in southern Costa Rica. Addicted to the waves and in love with the tropical surfing lifestyle, Tara has lived in different surf towns on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast for nearly half her life and is now a proud dog mama to Xochi, her water-loving pup. Tara’s latest passion is learning to embody her inner ocean huntress through freediving and spearfishing.

“Surfing has taught me patience, perseverance, discipline and resilience. As life changes with the ebb and flow of the tides, I find solace in the ocean, knowing for certain at least that one wave takes us to the next wave.”

“Dkoko is soul fuel for the modern mermaid. It’s all I ever want to wear in the surf and on land. Because if I can’t do it in a bikini, I don’t really wanna do it anyway.”.

15 years old | Cahuita, Limón, Costa Rica

Erika Berra

As a competitive shortboard surfer, Erika was raised on the Caribbean waves of Playa Cocles, Costa Rica. Balancing her contest schedule with highschool commitments, Erika's go-with-the-flow attitude transcends her natural surfing style and helps her stay happy and connected with her love for the ocean. When she's not traveling around Costa Rica to compete on the national surf circuit, we'll find Erika skateboarding, playing the flute, expressing her creativity through arts and crafts, or spending time with her friends, family and cutie pup

"My connection with the sea is an incomparable feeling, and that's what inspires me in all the ways. Being a surfer is more than a sport; it's a connection with nature that differentiates it from other sports. You could say it's something magic."

25 years old | Gold Coast, Australia

Marie Moana Troja

Born and raised on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, Australia-based competitive surfer Marie-Moana’s surfing roots trace back to her Polynesian lineage, where her mother’s native Tahiti is also
her second island home. Balancing university studies and her surfing careerwith discipline, drive and a sense of humor, Marie-Moana’s competitive impulse and early years in the Gold Coast’s Snapper Boardriders surf club inspired her to later join the qualifying series. Known professionally for her smooth surfing style and vertical rail maneuvers, Marie-Moana also loves the diversity of her free-surfing days, switching from shortboard to longboard and single fin shapes.When she’s not competing, traveling, or surfing pumping lefts with her family, you’ll catch Marie-Moana hiking and skating with friends, playing beach volleyball, reading, or in the library studying toward her master’s degree in physiotherapy

“I love competing because I have a very competitive nature, but nothing beats free surfing. I think surfing and surf contests are two very different things, and we should never forget why we got hooked on it in the first place. Nothing beats a whole day surfing with just family and friends out.”

“I wouldn’t say I have a special relationship to the ocean; I just feel that the ocean is a part of me. Moana is my Tahitian name and it means “the ocean”, so I like to think it was predestined from day one.”

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40 years old | Jacó, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Yorgina Ureña

Born and raised on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast, Yor has been surfing for nearly three decades – from her childhood days boogie boarding at Boca Barranca, and later years shortboarding at the beach breaks in Playa Jaco and Hermosa. In the water, Yor is known for her fluid surfing style and supportive energy encouraging other women surfers in the waves. Yor channels her passion for the ocean and local community into Jaco Impact, the nonprofit she founded and directs to support people’s wellbeing and take care of local needs.

When she’s not surfing or sipping superfood smoothies at home with her man and their adopted pups, you’ll catch Yor training at the gym, hosting local events, and organizing projects for the Jacó community.   “Dkoko’s fabrics and designs are unique and original, making me feel feminine, sexy and authentic. I truly admire the women behind the Dkoko brand.”

Learn more about Yorgina's Non Profit Jaco Impact Here

35 years old | Puerto viejo, Limón, Costa Rica

Natasha Brown

Raised in New York City, Natasha fell in love with surfing when she moved to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica in 2013, where she learned from locals and immersed herself in the tropical Caribbean lifestyle of her new community. Natasha’s background in education and passion for uplifting youth led her to co-create Wolaba Youth Project, a nonprofit providing mentorship to young people in Puerto Viejo through music, earth-connection, and exposure to surfing and other water sports. Natasha’s latest project, Salty Afro Surf champions local surf talent
in Puerto Viejo and supports greater diversity in global surf culture, running multiple retreats per year and centering local surf instruction, cultural traditions, and community connection. When she’s not in the ocean, you’ll find Natasha building websites, dancing, or playing with her puppy on the beach.

“For me, surfing is the closest to our natural way of being. On land, our society has imposed so many norms that just feel… unnatural. In the water, we are at the whim of the ocean. Our experience in surfing is directly related to how we connect with the water. I find when going into the water with a humbleness and connecting with her (the ocean), I always enjoy my time in the water no matter how many waves I catch.”

Learn more about Natty's non profit here

19 years old | Playa Negra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica


Following in her mother's footsteps, Lia has been surfing since she was four years old and now surfs competitively in national and international contests. Always keen for an adventure, Lia loves jumping off waterfalls, climbing trees, and having fun with her friends.

When she's not out longboarding in her signature flowy style at Avellanas, or shredding on her shortboard at Playa Negra, you'll find Lia skateboarding, drawing, or cruising around on her motorcycle.

47 Years Old | Playa Negra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Andrea Diaz

Surf coach, entrepreneur and former Roxy team-rider Andrea Diaz is among the first generation of Costa Rican women surfers, known for her aggressive, power-surfing style and energetic attitude in the surf and on land. Now a mother of three, Andrea's passion for nature, health and wellness is an integral part of her family dynamic and surf coaching business. When she's not coaching clients on retreat or surfing her favorite waves at Witch's Rock, you can visit Andrea at her family-operated skate park in Playa Negra, Costa Rica, or find her tending to the land where she's building her dreams.

"Having been one of the first women professional surfers in Costa Rica, I learned how to fight for my dreams and never stop paddling. Becoming a mother taught me vulnerability as a woman and the importance of focusing on becoming the best version of myself, understanding the legacy we leave for our future generations."

23 Years Old | Jacó, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Emily Gussoni

Emi was born and raised on the waves of Playa Jaco, Costa Rica, where she learned to surf from pioneering female surfer and Dkoko ambassador, Andrea Diaz. Known for her aggressive-yet-feminine shortboard surfing style, Emi has competed nationally and internationally with both the Costa Rican and Italian surfing teams. While her surfing career has allowed her to travel around the world and explore unique cultures, Emi's roots are strong on Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast, where she runs her own surf hostel and smoothie bowls restaurant in Playa Hermosa. When she's not out surfing, mountain biking or boxing, you can find Emi with her French Bulldog, Teo, or training hard at the gym. 

"I've been a teamrider with Dkoko since I was 10 years old. I love how Dkoko bikinis are so comfortable for surfing! And the material adjusts perfectly to your body."