I met Pepa around 7 years ago. A friend of mine invited me to go on a surf trip with her to Playa Negra, one of the best point breaks in the north of Costa Rica. My friend Tal was also a good friend of Pepa and that is the fist time I was lucky to meet her, in the dreamy beach where she lives.

Pepa in magical Playa Negra, Costa Rica
Pepa in magical Playa Negra, Costa Rica 

Playa Negra is home for Pepa, where she lives with her cute dog Chichi and her horse Lizano. Anyone that knows this beach, will know how beautiful it is and how perfect this wave gets. Not only she gets to surf Negra, she also lives the dream, traveling around the world working in different art projects. 

Pepa charging in Playa NegraPepa charging in Negra

Pepa in a Guanacaste's sunset wearing our Roots One Piece surf bikini

I’ve been following Pepa’s work for a while and I totally love it. The first time she collaborated with Dkoko, she made a cool frangipani mural artwork for one of our walls in our shop, in Jacó.  

For this collection I wanted to have, for the first time, custom prints for our fabrics. Of course the first artist that came to my mind was Pepa. 

Pepa with her dog Chichi next to her mural in our shop in Jacó.Left: With Chichi next to her mural in our shop in Jacó. Right: A Selva bottom in the Morpho print.

I sent her my ideas and a couple of weeks after she sent me some options we worked on until she had ready our final fabric prints. 

The first print called Morpho is inspired in my magical spirit animal, the Morpho butterfly. Some of you might think this is crazy but I love thinking these butterflies come to me to make me remember about something important. It might be my imagination, and it might not be related at all, but often when I’m in Costa Rica I have these amazing creatures flying next to me. Since I’ve been living in Australia I’ve had another blue butterfly coming often to me. There is no morphos in Australia but I like thinking these ones are their Australia equivalent.

Bikinis made with Pepa's Morpho custom printPretty top and Diamond one piece in Morpho print

The second print called Romance is inspired in the jungle. I wanted it to be dark with little bits of light, resembling the deep rainforest when the light enters into it through the folliage. I also wanted it to have a nostalgic and elegant feeling, Pepa managed to get exactly right for this collection.

Swimwear made using fabric printed with the Romantic design Nostalgia rashguard and Classy bottom in Romance

I love both of the prints Pepa designed for Dkoko and I hope you liked them too!  

You can see more of Pepa’s work in her instagram page here