It’s the day before the first photo session for our new collection, Into the Deep. I’m at home, readying the bikinis we plan to photograph tomorrow. I feel the softness of each delicate piece in my hands. Morning light floods in through an open window, making the iridescent fabrics shine.

Raw inspiration for Into the Deep surf bikini collection

I look over every detail with that sense of pride you feel after a meaningful journey: each seam, the combinations of textures and colors, the positioning of our logo inserts, the accessories we chose to adjust the straps. It occurs to me that what I have here in front of me are not your inert everyday objects. They are bikinis with soul, made with so much love. Every detail has a story behind it, born from one of our ideas; thought up, worked out, sweated through, and now made into something real.

Movement Into the Deep Sustainable Surf Bikini Collection Inspiration

The story behind this collection feels as if it started a long time ago. Like the sensation of this strange year, in a way atemporal, both fast and slow at the same time. And still, a significant experience lived by so many of us around the world.

Women's body in a waterfall in Costa Rica Into the Deep Dkoko inspiration

As they say, with the bad comes the good. And with a little perspective, we might begin to see that 2020 was a beautiful year. It got us out of our comfort zone and gifted us a pause. We lived a whirlwind of emotions. Our hearts grew filled with the fear of uncertainty for a time; and yet we soon chose to enjoy those tranquil moments. Instead of losing hope, we worked on the things we never had time to do in the hectic rushing around of our day-to-day.
Into the Deep collection Internalize inspiration woman floating peaceufully

On one of these quiet days, I imagined I was swimming in a choppy sea with stormy waves. As I submerged myself deeper and swam down, away from the surface, the water grew calm. The light entered in a spell of magic, tinting the deep blue with turquoise hues. I floated gently, peaceful in my body as I watched the bubbles of air escape from my lips, little by little, in a sort of slow motion.

Perfect cycled in nature women walking in a waterfall in Costa Rica

This experience became the inspiration for our newest collection. A journey in search of the answers in the depths of ourselves. A vital disconnection to reconnect to ourselves and the natural world around us. A pause to recharge. A reminder of what is most important in our lives.

It brings us such joy to know that the creations from this journey will accompany you along your own sea-faring paths.

Check our new collection of sustainable swimwear Into the Deep here.

Harmony with nature inspiration for Into the Deep Dkoko Collection

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teachings of my Soul.”