A Retro Jungle Collection

UNTAMED 2024 is the wild return to classic elegance we’ve been waiting for. A windswept sea where 1950’s style icons cross-step with leopards and tigers and jaguars - Oh my! Cosmo-chic. Feminine animal instinct.

Dkoko celebrates body positivity and inclusive diversity in women’s surfing, and this collection is no exception. Integrating fresh designs with seasonal trends, we strive to create figure-flattering swimwear for all ages, body types and skin colors - true blue to our confident, sea-loving gals everywhere. 

This is our rule-bending, wild-cattin’ jungle retro debut. 

Rawr, baby. We double-D dare you.

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Pavones Top
From $75.00
Monstera Boa Safari Azureus Black + 2 more
Pavones Bottom
From $65.00
Safari Boa Monstera Azureus Black + 2 more
Uvita Top
Groovy Bardot Black
Balance Bottom
Groovy Bardot Guaria Regina Black Nereid Palma Edamame + 5 more
Panga Drops Rashguard
Flamingo Caimán Treasure Spectrum Black + 2 more
Summer Boyshort One Piece
Bardot Groovy Guaria Black Palma + 2 more