Shopping has never been so easy with Dkoko,
gift yourself or your loved one the best vacation
outfit to rock the new year!

We decided to create a guide made carefully to help you find your faves.

You will find:

The Tanning collection
The Surfing Collection
The Beachwear Collection
The Adventure Collection

The Tanning collection

Are you a sun lover? We made these choices based on those bikinis that won't leave a mark and give you a flawless look. Work on your golden glow this summer with our top tanning picks.

the surfing collection

Our favorite pick!

Have you ever tried to duck dive without your bottom falling out?
or holding your top while you tumble around on the white water?

Well, we got you! Enjoy you session all day with our Surf Collection (we promise they stay on!)

The BEachwear Collection

Chill next to the pool and enjoy the afternoon
cocktails with our beachwear made out of upcycled cotton.

Soft to the touch and great style!

The Adventure Collection

It doesn't matter what your favorite activity is our products can go with you anywhere.
It is functional while looking feminine and stylish.
Snorkeling? Yoga? Running? Hiking?
We got you!

Gift Card

If you are not sure what to get,
get her a gift card!