Coral Lust surf swimwear collection inspiration collageI remember that I started this journey with the conscious decision of breathing. It might sound impossible, but we often forget how to do it. Breathing voluntarily is an act of self-love and that precisely is something I wasn’t used to doing.  

“Ocean’s Chaos” was the first collection to pop out. That was exactly the feeling of the moment: every second felt like a wave against myself.  Anyhow I survived the hustle and bustle and months later I decided to dive deeper. I internalized within myself and "Into the Deep” was born. A meaningful verse to this conscious exploration of the subconscious with the purpose of recognizing the internal knots and naming them.

It was hard. In the bottom of my inner self there’s clouds, there’s dust, there’s darkness, there’s an uncertainty that’s apparently infinite.

Soul surf top design with colors, prints and textures and photo of final product on model

There I was. There I am. 

There I found myself.

Brave I opened my eyes and faced myself.

The air entered my soul and “CORAL LUST” came out.

In the bottom of myself there’s magic.

The astonishment of finding the wonders that exist there, left me as if suspended in time for a few seconds. There was peace. In that instant I understood what we have inside that makes us be ourselves.

Diversity of textures, diversity of shapes, colors, flavors ... entire universes unknown but ready to be admired and analyzed. Visual oversaturation in some corners in contrast to spooky void spatial plains. It will sound like an extremist comparison of an extremist used to "live dead" between poles because of fear to  be happy in the harmonious balance of the in-between. 

It is my appreciation, yes, but with textiles and colors as a foundation it becomes my testimony.

Retro surf bikini top and Olas bottom in Coral Lust


CORAL LUST is exactly that:  a testimony that there is magic in the bottom.

There is air.

This is how I pour myself into Dkoko, my name is Gigi Meneses and it’s an honor to accompany you through my design’s proposal.

Let them nourish you!

Each day it's undoubtedly our most challenging ocean, surf it with us, we will be there within your own skin. 

Sustainable Riptide Surf suit one piece Coral Lust

Written originally in Spanish by Gigi Meneses.

Gigi Meneses Dkoko's Creative Director

Gigi Meneses has been part of our design team since 2020. She’s in charge of the creative direction of our collections. Gigi has the amazing ability of interpreting the feelings and vision of our team, merging them with her own, in a magical melting pot that comes to life as a theme and inspiration for each of Dkoko’s collections. You can read more about Gigi here

Coral Lust is a surf bikini and swimwear capsule collection designed with the intention to find an use for all leftover materials we had from previous collections. Our goal is to minimize waste in our production line and to reduce CO2 emissions created every time there's a shipment of materials. In Dkoko we believe in using our creativity to minimize our impact to the environment while creating beautiful and unique products that women can use to enjoy the waves of our oceans.