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Take a deep dive into our salt-watery world, with inspiring interviews and surfer profiles, behind-the-scenes inspo from our latest swimwear collections, and travel stories from our surf trips in the tropics.    

Surfer Profile: Making waves with Natasha Brown

Perfil de Surf: Buscando Olas con Natasha Brown

¡Estamos más que emocionados de darle la bienvenida a Natasha Brown al equipo de embajadoras de la marca Dkoko! Nos reunimos con Natasha para conversar sobre su vida como surfista...
26 abril 2023

Colaboración con la artista: Goldfish Kiss | Rebekah Steen

Rebekah Steen is an artist and style icon whose unique blog, Goldfish Kiss, and tropical beach-inspired lifestyle have captivated our interest for nearly a decade. Rebekah has built a beautiful life from her many creative passions, and makes it all look effortless as a mom, wife and inspiring creator.

02 febrero 2023
How to choose the best surf bikini

How to choose the best surf bikini

The other day a friend of mine asked if I could create a guide on how to choose the best surf bikini. My friend’s seemingly random request made me realise this precious information is second nature to me and I have been taking it for granted. I hadn’t considered that there are women out there who are confused by the ocean of swimwear options.

So if you are one of these women, I am writing this for you, the ultimate guide on how to choose the best swimwear for surfing.

22 septiembre 2022
Artist Collaboration: Tropia | Jil-Laura Kloberg

Colaboración con la artista: Tropia | Jil-Laura Kloberg

Jil-Laura Kloberg is an artist. freelance graphic designer and art director who we are beyond inspired to collaborate with on the design of Dkoko’s brand new t-shirts, made from sustainably sourced fabrics. We chatted to Jil-Laura about her feminine-inspired, detail-oriented drawings and illustrations and got the inside scoop into life as an artist living her creative passion through her latest illustration and design project, Tropia.  
31 julio 2022
Delilah Hutchins long boarding in Nosara Costa Rica

Perfil de surfista: persiguiendo olas con Delilah Hutchins

Delilah Hutchins is a 17 year-old competitive longboard surfer from North Carolina who convinced her mom to move to Costa Rica to chase her surfing dreams. We chatted to Delilah about her plans for the future, what it's like balancing her surf and school schedule in the jungle, and got the inside scoop from her recent experience competing at the Mexi Log Fest
28 junio 2022
Marie surfing at a beautiful sunset in Australia

Perfil de surfista: De isla en isla con Marie- Moana Troja

La surfista profesional internacional y embajadora Dkoko Marie-Moana Troja nos motiva a seguir nuestros sueños y ser la mejor versión de nosotras mismas, dentro y fuera del agua. Viviendo en Australia como surfista y estudiante universitaria, ella equilibra sus estudios y su carrera de surf con disciplina, dinamismo, y un gran sentido del humor.

30 mayo 2022
REFLECTIONS 2022: Liminal Space in the Southlands

REFLEXIONES 2022: Espacio liminal en las tierras del sur

El océano es nuestra fuente de inspiración más pura. Viví nuestro viaje REFLEXIONES 2022 a la selva del sur de Costa Rica en esta hermosa historia. 

04 mayo 2022
Saving Sharks with Madison Stewart

Salvando tiburones con Madison Stewart

Nos encontramos con Madison Stewart, Fundadora de Project Hiu, para conocer más acerca de su trabajo salvando tiburones de la pesca en Indonesia, en donde su enfoque innovador incentiva posibilidades alternativas para que los pescadores de tiburones pueda subsistir.

27 marzo 2022
Sustainable Coral Lust Upcycled Surf swimsuit collection

Lungs for the Soul - The inspiration behind our Coral Lust Capsule

I remember that I started this journey with the conscious decision of breathing. It might sound impossible, but we often forget how to do it. Breathing voluntarily is an act...
28 noviembre 2021
Sands of Self, Sisterhood at Sea

Arenas de nosotras mismas, hermandad de mar

No me sentía como mi mejor yo cuando me topé con las otras chicas en Playa Hermosa, nuestro punto de encuentro a medio camino de las calles de tierra de...
25 julio 2021
Video + Story: Life in the Sunny Coast, Australia

Video + historia: Vida en el Sunny Coast, Australia

Tal vez algunas de ustedes se han preguntado ¿por qué en Dkoko, una marca de Costa Rica, tenemos tantas fotos e historias en Australia? Para las que no conocen mucho...
09 junio 2021
Surfer profile: Tia Coulter

Surfer profile: Tia Coulter

My first real memories of surfing are paddling out on the front of dad’s board and surfing tandem with him. When he paddled us onto waves, he would pull me up and hold me by the rashie or wetsuit so I didn’t fall off. He wasn’t bothered about wave size either, we used to paddle into 3-4 footers which freaked me out a bit, but I loved surfing, especially being cheered on by the local Bluff crew I grew up with.
08 junio 2021